About polyclinics

By the order of the Health department of the Minsk City Council from January 3, 1984 No 3 «On the opening of health facilities," it was determined to open on January 1, 1984 an urban clinic for medical assistance for adults and children in the district of South-West with the capacity of 850 visits per shift and assign the name "City polyclinic No 32."

On February 10, 1984, our polyclinic  took the first patient. The service area population was about  20 thousand people. By the Order of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus of  January, 11 1995 No 6 «About awarding the status of clinical the number of Minsk city clinics," the clinic has been awarded the status of "polyclinic".  Based on the work of our polyclinic the work of the Department of Belarusian State Medical University was organized.

To date, Health Institution “City polyclinic No 32”  is one of the largest modern primary health care facilities, with a design capacity of 1,023 visits per shift, with the population served amounting to 60,000 people.

On the basis of the polyclinic operate regional centers and offices: Cardiology Center, the District office of social and psychological support, Gynecological care for girls and girls teenagers office,  logopaedic cabinet.

Institution is equipped with modern diagnostic equipment, which enables the real time diagnosis of all diseases. Highly qualified medical staff accurately performs their professional duties.

The staff of the institution was repeatedly awarded with honorary diplomas of the Health Committee of Minsk Executive Committee, the Administration of the Moscow region, has the "Gratitude" Diploma of the President of the Republic of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko and the President of Minsk City Executive Committee in Minsk.

Head Doctor of Health Institution «City polyclinic No 32»

Svorob Irina Vadimovna


Our address:
220117 Minsk, Golubeva St. 25,
tel.: 271-48-41

Contact telephone numbers:
Information desk
272 59 53, 272 68 85 ( tickets’ booking starts at 7.20) 

Calling a doctor in: 
272 56 08 

Polyclinic’s hotline: 272-69-00

Antenatal consultation is located at:
Gazeta “Pravda” Av. 26 , building 3 (telephone 270 29 29)

8 044 555 4288 

Opening hours 
7.00 - 20.00 – daily
9.00 - 18.00 – Saturday and holidays (from 01.10. to 16.05.)
9.00 - 15.00 – Saturday and holidays (from 16.05. to 01.10.)
Sunday is a day-off

Antenatal consultation is located at:
Gazeta “Pravda” Av. 26 , building 3 (telephone 270 29 29)

Dental care services provided by the 13th Dental clinic (Gazeta "Pravda" Av., 58, building 3)

E-mail: 32poliklinika@mail.belpak.by